Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Woke up way too early this morning and started trying to clean up the kitchen because Carol and Carolyn D. were coming to play Scrabble.

Eventually slowed down and had a good breakfast. I melted some white New York Cheddar on the corn tortilla as it toasted, then added a sliced hard boiled egg and three slices of local tomato.

And a cup of decaf.

When the scrabble game finally got underway, it was nearly 11 am. We played outside, and it was quite chilly (but sunny) today, so I had a cup of chai, just milk and tea and spices, but no honey.

Carolyn is trying a new nutrition regimen, one which wants her to eat lots of raw carrots, so she came with a pound of carrots. I peeled them and quartered them so we had them as snacks during the game.

Carolyn said they were awful -- bitter. I had to see for myself. She was right. Not good!

Carolyn also brought some tuna fish salad for our lunches, another thing she is being encouraged to eat more of (tuna).

I had some romaine, and had another several slices of tomato. And because it was so chilly, I heated up a quart of butternut squash soup, another of the Stop 'n' Shop Nature's Promise organic line. They aren't bad for packaged soup, but how hard would it be to make some from a real butternut squash? It would probably be a little less bland.

I put a handful of sesame sticks in the soup. They weren't crunchy -- I should've left them out. But the tuna was very nice.

By mid-afternoon, I was hungry again and feeling crappy. I've been feeling crappy all day -- headache, ankle hurting because I'm not keeping it up.

Lipton orange herbal tea and the last of the sesame sticks, along with a little packet of almonds.

As I started to fall asleep, I decided I'd better do something, so I tackled Martha and Micah's quilt, which has a date with the big sewing machine in Simebury on Friday. It's so HUGE!!

I worked on the quilt until after 6, and when I heard Morrow putting ice in a glass, I turned off the iron.

Tonight's drink is something already invented, I'm sure, but I like it. Raspberry vodka, Chambord, and fresh lime juice.

And I had some ancient "baby" carrots (dried up but still crisp) and some even more anceint red pepper hummus I found lurking in the very back of the fridge. Not moldy or anything, but it was getting pretty dried up.

I left no time to think about dinner, so I thawed some thin-sliced chicken breast, cut up half an onion, one small zucchini and one broccoli crown and threw them in the electric skillet with some olive oil.

Then I threw in some of the larger-sized couscous and browned that. For eassoning, I found a half envelope of Thai spices and threw that in, along with a couple of cups of chicken broth, put the lid on and let the couscous cook.

Then I got a phone call I couldn't get out of, and things were cooking too hot, most of the broth boiled away, and the couscous wasn't done. I added some water, but I knew I couldn't turn this into something really good. I added a couple of tablespoons of cream cheese to try to thicken the sauce and make it creamier, but it didn't really help. It was boring and overcooked, but thank God for the Thai spices. Without those, it would have been deadly.

A disappointing dinner was following by a disappointing bowl of plain yogurt with a touch of apricot preserves in it. I really wanted something chocolate and decadent, like the last of the Cherry Garcia ice cream, but it was already gone. No chocolate in the house! The yogurt tasted fine, and I think for the first time all day, I don't feel like eating!

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