Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The ninth anniversary of the World Trade Center attack. It seems both far away and like yesterday. It's going to be one of those events that everybody can tell you exactly where they were, like the Kennedy assassination. So many people alive now were not even born by 1963. Or Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. I woke Andrew up to see it, even though I knew he wouldn't remember it. He was 14 months old.

Anyway, food.

I actually thought about making all of my pictures today include repeated circles, but I didn't feel like having a tortilla this morning, so I made tubular rolls of ham around cheddar cheese sticks (Sargento low-fat -- they really aren't bad at all, not like other low-fat cheese. And for Weight Watchers, they are only one point each! 60 calories.)

I worked all day at the computer, starting and finishing the fall issue of the Sweet Adelines newsletter. 19 pages! But I drank a lot of tea and coffee (decaf, I know).

This one right after breakfast. Mid-morning, it was time for tea, and the only tea I have downstairs is either chai or peach. I had the peach first.

Notice the circle design on that cup.

I wanted to add some soy milk, and I had some buried deep in the fridge. But it has gone bad. I don't think I've ever tasted much worse that sour soy milk. I just took a sip, and I did not take a picture of it.

Lunch: too busy to do much about it, so I grabbed a spoon and the tupperware bowl and finished the tabbouleh.

Anyway, it's a large circle. You can see it was a beautiful day outside. Too bad I was stuck inside!

By mid afternoon, it was time for the chai. Boiled the milk, brewed a heap of tea and chai spices, and added just a little honey. It was too strong!

Still chugging on the newsletter!

Before I knew it, it was time for a real drink!
I should have named something for the twin towers, but I made this one up instead. It will go into my Cum Spiritu Tuo book:

The Confessional

2 oz. silver tequila
3/4 oz. fresh lime juice
1/2 oz. X-rated
1/4 oz. real Grenadine
1 small-medium (1 1/4 oz. liquid) egg white
Peychaud's bitters
Maraschino cherry

Shake really well in a cocktail shaker and drain into a stemmed cocktail glass. Garnish with a maraschino cherry and a few shakes of Peychaud's bitters into the foamy head so it looks interesting. What am I confessing? Murder? Adultery? Loss of virginity? Or just "what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico"?

Still with circles. Dinner was marinated, grilled flank steak and grilled zucchini and a glass of red wine. The end of the cabernet sauvignon with a splash of jug pinot noir.

I marinated the flank steak in bourbon, soy sauce and Worcestershire with sea salt and mixed pepper. Pretty much all day. It was so good!

Ending the day right now with a cup of decaf. Newsletter finished, at least until someone sends me something last minute. And I'm sure they will.


  1. nice.
    you don't eat much in volume.
    your drinks are... interesting. ( too :'girly' for me, I guess... or maybe I just have no imagination.... but I appreciate yours!)
    I bought corn tortillas.. and ham today. I think that you are rubbing off on me.
    What 3 day is this? ( when I got to about 20 I was soooo done and by 30... I was hooked.)

  2. I'm not sure what day I'm on now, but closing in on three weeks, I think. Started around August 24th?

    I can't take straight strong liquors, so I cut them with a little bit of something. That's why I like Manhattans and martinis. The vermouths take some of the hardness out of the base hard stuff. Bourbon is the only one I like straight, but would rather play with cocktails than drink it straight.