Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Everything normal today -- I slept until after 8. What a treat.

Breakfast of a toasted corn tortilla, a wedge of laughing cow light swiss, some leftover green beans and a dribble of Annie's All-Natural Asiago salad dressing. I think I identified this incorrectly in a previous day's report as Amy's Lite. It's not "lite" and it's not Amy's. Amy's makes the pot pies, Annie's makes the mac and cheese with the cute bunny on the box.

And a cup of decaf.

Lunch: "Friends"-sized cup of Stop 'n' Shop broccoli soup, this time not diluted with the water anything cooked in, but with the last of last night's green beans cut up in it. And a handful of sesame sticks.

I was still a little hungry, so I had a light mozzarella stick. They aren't as good as the cheddar ones.

Had to eat an early supper because of SONE, but I tarried too long in the sewing room, so I left myself little time for anything creative for dinner. And I really didn't feel like playing with cocktails either, but I wanted something, so I had a dirty martini. Haven't had one is ages. Now I remember why I like them: the olives!

After saying what I said about the honey-roasted peanuts yesterday, I'm embarrassed to have taken a few more. But I did. And I didn't like them much better this time. They were on the kitchen counter, calling my name.

So the uncreative dinner was a couple of breaded chicken tenders, over which I put some peach salsa I found in the fridge. Morrow had catsup on his. GAG.

And some asparagus, which I overcooked horribly. It was mushy!

Along with uncreative, and mediocre, I ate it before taking a picture. So what, you ask, is the photo below? It's the miracle of Photoshop, after the fact!!

I hate to admit to cheating on the picture, but surely SOMEONE would notice it looks a little fake. The chicken are two uncooked, frozen pieces from my freezer. The plate is, of course, mine. The asparagus came from a Google image search. Notice the nice drop shadow it has, trying to match the real drop shadow of the chicken.

The salsa was more of a challenge, and because it wasn't as easy as the asparagus, it's also worse-looking. Looks like red throw-up! Just a blob of salsa taken from a Google image of salsa. The peach salsa was actually more of a cooked-peach color, not this red.

I know I also said last night that I was going to stop having desserts. Well, I had to have this one. When I bought figs on Sunday, I bought eight. I ate four. I was going to have the others for breakfast tomorrow. Well, three of them were moldy tonight. One so bad I had to throw it away, and the other two not so bad that I couldn't just cut off the outside. The fourth was perfect. I cut them up, put a few spoonfuls of yogurt on it and a cut-up piece of crystallized ginger.

And a small glass of red wine.

A good SONE rehearsal. A nice ending to a nice day.

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