Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another beautiful day. It rained a little in the night, but not much.

A good breakfast before the yoga-pilates class. A hard-boiled egg and two leaves of romaine with homemade tabbouleh. I made the tabbouleh yesterday because it's better the next day. It's really good!!

After both the yoga and the New Hartford Seniors' fitness class, I arrived home at noon and was hungry.

A lunch of leftovers seemed the most tempting because there was a single leftover taco.

Along with the taco, I had several cherry tomatoes from  my own plant, and some halved tomatoes from my garden as well. They are very small and runty. I think the soil in my garden is depleted.

After lunch, I had two small plums from the New Hartford farm stand.

Dinner had to be early -- SONE rehearsal. I didn't know we were meant to come at 6:30, but SONE nights are always early dinners eaten quickly.

I wanted to try one more of the recipes in the new Chinese cookbook I bought. This was called Slow-Roasted Salmon and Israeli couscous.

Salmon marinated in a sauce consisting of sake, soy sauce, honey, ginger, and salt, and then cooked for 40 minutes in a very slow oven: the recipe called for 250° but I used it at 260°. Extra marinate was poured over the baking fish.

While I was preparing the vegetables, I had a few sesame sticks and a slice of Manchego cheese.

It's hard to see all the ingredients. The salmon is on a bed of: Israeli coucous (these are the larger balls) cooked with garlic, shallot, chicken broth, a peeled-seeded-chopped large tomato, hot papper flakes and a very small amount of turmeric. I thought I had turmeric, but it turns out I didn't.

So I used curry powder. It was so little that it never tasted.

On top of the salmon are paper thin slices of fennel.

All in all, it was good but none of the spices can be tasted in the food. It wasn't as much work as the recipe made it feel like. It's a recipe I could play with a bit.

When I got home from chorus, I had a small bit of leftover Israeli couscous.


  1. yum! now that's my kind of eating!
    You make me hungry for salmon.
    You make me hungry for tabouli.
    You make me hungry.
    (I had 4 pretzel stix and a glass of wine for dinner at 9:45 last night... vestry meeting and i was too tired when I got home... so I just had... next to nothing while I checked my email.
    oh well.
    another day.
    love your breakfast pic. artsy.

  2. When I eat the same things so often, it becomes a game to make them a little arty. Today I got into circles. Perhaps subconsciously trying not to think of Twin Towers, but breakfast almost started as Twin Towers.