Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

One thing I've learned even before the 30 days is up. There is hardly an hour goes by that I'm not putting something in my mouth. Tea, coffee, sesame sticks, whatever!

Wasn't inspired by anything for breakfast, but I wanted protein for the long seige with the quilting machine.

A toasted corn tortilla with a couple slices of ham.

It was so boring that half way through, I added a blob of peach salsa, which didn't improve it a whole lot.

And a cup o' jo!

And a second cup for the drive over in the car. This was actually cold coffee left over from making too much for the last couple of days. But I was thirsty and like cold coffee. I think half the time I drink my coffee, it's cold.

The session on the quilt machine was going well until the middle of the 5th row (out of 7). I had to call the pro to the rescue. She was eating lunch, so I ate mine. I got charged for that time, too! But it wasn't long.

Lunch was a piece of leftover Asian salmon cake and about 1/3 cup leftover rice.

The quilt machine turning into a nightmare machine. Either I put the bobbin in wrong, or a piece of something got in the bobbin, but the result was that the bobbin thread didn't come out the right hole and had no tension. Well, it didn't show to me, but Sandy says I have to pull out the last row and probably all or part of the 6th row. I'm guessing I'll have to rip out part of 5 as well. It is hot, heavy, and very time-consuming work!!  So I was sent home with my unfinished quilt. I'm discouraged and I was upset when I left.

A stop at the Simsbury Stop 'n' Shop.

A piece of barbecue chicken tender.

And maybe if I make this photo smaller, nobody will notice that I also bought a glazed donut. But I only ate half of it.

When I got home and started the quilt ripping job, I had a cup of cranberry herbal tea and two little pieces of candied ginger. I've forgotten how HOT that stuff is!!

After over an hour of ripping, it was time for a drink. I think this one should be named.

But I can't think of anything!!

1 1/2 oz. cranberry vodka
3/4 oz. fresh orange juice
3/4 oz. cranberry juice.

Doesn't taste like there's any alcohol in it. Sweet. I expected the cranberry juice to cut the sweetness of orange juice but it added to it.

This is an embarrassingly bad picture of a decent quick meal.

Pan-fried cube steak and three spinach pancakes, which came frozen. I think some kind of yogurt based sauce would have been nice on the spinach. But they're not bad for something frozen. The picture makes them look disgusting!!

The cube steak was excellent. That's A-1 on top. Also looks disgusting!

Tonight was the first meeting of the women's EVE-ning group at Trinity. I had a glass of German white wine (German because our topic tonight was Martin Luther.)

I had already drunk some of the wine before I took the picture, and I eventually took about 10 more grapes. Ruth M. baked a black forest cake, but I resisted!!

The meeting was interesting, and I didn't get too nervous. I have no idea how or if people liked it.

When I got home, I had a few more grapes (red ones this time) and a cup o' jo, which I allowed to get beyond lukewarm before i drank it.

Time for bed. Big day tomorrow for SONE! Singing in New Hampshire (no, not for hire; for the Region 1 regional weekend).

A demain!

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