Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A LONG day!! I've had a few comments that I have odd breakfasts. Well, today was the oddest! The nectarine isn't so unusual, but the bowl contains pureed beet greens. This is one of my comfort foods. My mother used to make this, and it was always one of my favorites, but usually with dinner. But last night, I was running too late for SONE to make them, so I did it this morning.

Start with really fresh beet greens. Wash them well and cut off as much of the stems as you want. I think the stems are gritty even when you wash them. Then steam them in a very small amount of water, enough to wilt them and soften the stems. Puree them in the Cuisinart. If you have a LOT of them, you can use the blender, but for just a little bit, they work better in the Cuisinart. Add a couple of teaspoons of butter. I just love this!

Off early for Andrew's to help spruce up his house for company next weekend. I was hungry after getting there, so I had a toasted corn tortilla and a little bit of Red Devil canned chicken spread.

It was horribly hot in Port Chester, but we dragged ourselves on errands and to the supermarket. I bought some ham for my lunches back home because I forgot to yesterday. The guy at the deli gave me a slice to eat, and I didn't want to make us both feel like idiots if I whipped out a camera and took a picture of it. So I simulated the experience when I got back to Andrew's.

I think taking a picture of a piece of ham is going too far!

By late afternoon, we were both hungry again, and we had bought a turkey sandwich at Stop 'n' Shop, so we split it.

The plate here is special: a plastic plate and cup set of the toys, Crash Test Dummies.

We had even more errands to run, so we headed out before dinner for round two and hit Kohl's and A. I. Friedman and Bed Bath (for the second time), and we managed to find everything we needed.

But it was well after 8 pm before we got to Tandoori's Indian restaurant on Main St. in Port Chester.

I immediately ordered a Taj Mahal Indian beer.

As an indication of just how hungry we were when dinner arrived on our table after 8:30 pm, I totally devoured my appetizer before I remembered I had not taken a picture. So here is the next best thing: a picture of the plate AFTER I'd finished it, and an explanation.

This is baingen (eggplant) Burahani. Slices of eggplant, about 1/4" inch thick, cooked (not sure how, but not battered and fried). Served on a bed of shredded lettuce with a yogurt sauce and some of the green cilanto sauce served in many Indian restuarants, and chopped mint and red onion. I love it!!

Sorry about the empty plate!!

My main course was shrimp curry over rice. Very tasty but I didn't think it was quite as "Indian" as some of the other things I alwasy have here.

And with the last few shrimp in the dish (and I did not take another picture of the same food), I had a piece of naan.

As if this wasn't enough dinner, we both ordered Jamaican coffee. I specified to make mine very light with the Tai Maria. It was really good!

We worked like demons for a couple of hours after dinner, and I didn't get home until 1:30.

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