Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lest anyone think I'm dieting, today will put that entirely to rest!!!
My breakfasts have become so repetitive that I have to resort to fancying up the photograph! Here I have a toasted corn tortilla (again!) with a very small dab of egg salad because I had run out, one piece of ham and several spoonfuls of the mango-pear-cranberry salsa.

Then I spied the bag of sesame sticks on the counter and started to dig in, but I restrained myself and took the next picture.

Then I ate them!! And I really didn't have any more.

I took a cup of coffee up to the sewing studio and did not take the camera, but it looks like every other cup of coffee (decaf) I drink.

Lunch at the Shoppes of Farmington Valley in Canton, where I met Spring Gagliardi for some shopping and lunch. We found a few items at Kohl's, but the trips into Coldwater Creek, Chico's, Talbot's and White House/Black Market were wasted time. Their idea of "SALE" was $39.99, marked down from $75, and most of the stuff I wouldn't be caught dead wearing. I was hoping to find a skirt or casual dress. Nope.

Lunch, however, was mighty fine at Feng Asian Bistro. I had a Fengtini, which is citrus vodka, sake, pomegranate, and lemon juice. It was wonderful.

Pictured with the Fengtini is a bowl of miso soup.

I then had the Maki special: any two rolls from a certain list. I had the salmon-avocado roll and the shrimp tempura roll.

But I forgot to take the picture!!! I'm getting so bad at this!! They were served together on a long white plate, much like the little square white plate I've used in prior posts to photograph snacks on.

However, I went online and found very accurate pictures of both kinds of rolls.

Both of these pictures show exactly what my lunch looked like, but there were fewer pieces of the shrimp tempura roll (above) and one more piece of the salmon avocado roll (right).

After a trip to the Fabric Bug in Thomaston with Carol B. and her niece Marianne Sabia, I came home to get Morrow and they went to pick up Marianne's husband Joe. We all went out to Lady Audrey's Gallery in West Cornwall where Morrow has some photos showing and I have a purse. I didn't realize that the gallery owner (Lady Audrey is her dog) has champagne and pizza at her gallery show openings.

The gallery is in the half-below-ground level.
A small glass of Prosecco at the gallery, and a second with a half a slice of vegetable pizza.

Think I eat enough????

Here is my bag at the gallery. It was too dark inside to get a picture of Morrow's photos on the wall. This clutch of purses (bad pun!!) was near the door so had some natural light. She has a price tag of $225 on my bag!! Insane!

Then we walked down to the Wandering Moose Cafe for dinner. The place was pretty full when we got there at 6, and by the time we left around 7:30, it was packed. The people look totally preppy and prosperous, and the crossroads that is West Cornwall looks almost abandonned. The town features an old covered bridge, though, and is very picturesque, with only a few houses.

I had pan-fried trout, very skinny string beans and long julienned carrots for dinner, preceded by a small green salad.

We ordered a bottle of Pinot Grigio (Kris from Italy) for the table. From that, we each got two half-full glasses (pictured with my dinner) and about one inch more.

The head was still on the trout, and his eye looked at Carol, she said.

The last inch of wine.

As if this wasn't enough, I ate some of Morrow's fries!!

And to top it off (I can hardly breathe as I write this because I'm so full!!)


A mixed-berry cobbler with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and a cup of decaf. What a fine dinner!

It is austerity for the rest of the week!!

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  1. I am almost more amazed at what a life you have... than the food and spirits that sustain it. You are a multi-talented, gifted, energetic soul... who also loves to eat out and drink a whole lotta wacky cocktails!
    I am sipping a new bourbon for us to try as I write this: "Old Weller." super-heady. I'll bring it along to add in the mix when we have our next go-'round.