Friday, September 10, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

How could I have thought this foot wasn't going to hurt?????

It does!!

Breakfast: sliced hard-boiled egg on a toasted corn tortilla and a big spoonful of salsa. And a cup o' decaf. I burped the salsa all morning. I'm not used to sitting around all day on my butt!!

I wasn't inspired to eat lunch, but by mid afternoon, I admitted to being a big hungry.

A couple of plums and back to the couch!

Carol came over to make sure we had dinner. I didn't feel like doing anything, but she brought a red onion, a red pepper, tomatoes, a cucumber, corn on the cob, and some lettuce. She found some burgers in the freezer. I think they were chicken burgers, maybe turkey. They aren't marked, but they weren't beef.

I made a Manhattan.

And a red pepper strip. I even had a maraschino cherry for the drink.

I was hungrier than I thought I was and started to eat before I remembered to take the picture!

It was very good.

There was a little extra salad, which I ate but did not take a picture.

I had a piece of that wonderful rosemary bread that Carol brought over Wednesday, and a small glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.

And as long as I know that ice cream is in the freezer, I'm going to have a little! I don't have any more of the hot fudge sauce, so this was just barenaked ice cream. Ben and Jerry's New York Chocolate something. Full of large nuts, but still good.

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