Monday, September 20, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Off to an early day with SONE -- our fall regional weekend, and we are the headliners in the show as we sing for the region before heading to Seattle.

Breakfast was two leftover spinach pancakes (cold, I'm afraid), and a small bunch of grapes. I should have packed some cheese sticks or protein SOMETHING because I knew I wasn't going to get lunch. Dumb!

Stopped at a truck stop near Tolland to pick up Gael O. and got an iced decaf latte with a mocha swirl. Mmmm.

There are always vendors at Regional, and one of SONE's fundraisers is a food dealer called Tastefully Simple. They make dips, snacks, bread mixes, chutneys and sauces. That kind of thing. It's not the way I cook or eat, really, but I'd like to find something to buy, perhaps as a gift, to support the chorus.

They had a table with samples of the bread and dips. I don't even remember what these two dips were, but I had one cube of bread and a little dip for each sample.

We had to be in rehearsal at one, so I tried to get a sandwich, but they only took cash (and I had left mine at home), so I went to the bar, but they couldn't make anything fast enough.

So lunch turned out to be a single handful of their bar snack mix.

We rehearsed, and then we were the demo chorus for a class on finding your chorus image. We don't have one. That idea works better for a quartet, but I guess choruses can present a personality too.

The audience said we were Energetic and Captivating. We added that we are a very loving group, and we hope that shows when we sing.

We needed to eat dinner early so there would be time for costumes and full makeup.

I was so hungry, I could have eaten the napkins and silverware! I had a glass of pinot noir, which I did not photograph. I had a second glass with dinner, and it is in the picture.

I had a very good steak salad with chopped tomatoes and cucumbers, and a large wedge of blue cheese.

I also took some of Anne N.'s fries, probably about four. Not what's in this picture.

Then makeup, costume, and the stage.

As soon as it was over, we changed back into our street clothes and started home.

I would've loved a cup of coffee for the road, but we were all eager to get home.

I did make a cup of decaf when I got home, even though it was 10 before 1 a.m.

AND, I found about 2/3 of the half of a glazed donut I had bought Friday after the quilt disaster.

Good to be home.

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