Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

This is so weird! I don't even remember breakfast this morning. Seeing a photo seems like this was something a week ago!

Must've been a long day, and most of my pix were taken with my phone because I left the camera upstairs, and I'm too lazy to go get it.

Undoubtedly, I'll have to eventually!!

Anyway, breakfast. I took the leftover half piece of Indian porotta bread, added two slices of good old Nature's Promise Black Forest ham, and a sprinkling of the Salsa Fresca that is the mango-onion-cranberry-tomato salsa. The bread was pretty hard, and half of the salsa ended up on the counter or floor when I took a bite.

Coffee on the run.
I came home from two doc appointments and took what are probably my last cherry tomatoes off the vine and ate them. I think there are maybe three small tomatoes still green. I picked my two eggplants, although I don't think they're really ripe. They are very small and light colored and hard. I don't expect much from them.

What a disappointing garden this year. I'm afraid I just don't put any time into it, so I can't be too upset when it doesn't give much back, can I?

Lunch started with the rest of the brown rice California roll. I love those Japanese-decorated plastic trays it comes in. I use them as pin dishes in the studio.

Then I cut a small (local) tomato in half just to use the rest of the wasabi. Not only cleaned out my sinuses, it made my eyeballs burn. I can't eat wasabi without thinking of the Budweiser commercial which followed the WASSUP ads with the Japanese guys all saying WASABI. They were all funny!

Then, still hungry, I ate a "lite" mozzarella stick. They are so tasteless, I can't wait until I finish them. Two left. At the rate I think of eating one, it'll be Thanksgiving before they're gone.

Finally got to the studio and worked on a skirt. I don't know what's wrong lately, but nothing I make turns out very well. Martha's quilt, and now this skirt, which is too tight, too short, and too circular. I'm going to have to do surgery on it tomorrow. Material is too nice to throw out. What does this have to do with food? Not much, except that I want to eat more when I'm upset about something.

More on that later, when I act on the sewing frustration.

Meanwhile, today I put on tea water and remembered to make the tea! Today's was Trader Joe's Ruby Red Chai (I HIGHLY recommend this -- not too Chai-spicy, and not as blatantly "berry" as Red Zinger) and Lipton's Lemon-Ginger herbal.

This is where the emotional eating comes in. First I see Morrow eating bagel crisps with port-cheddar cheese log. I have one and a half. Then I make my exotic cocktail, and have another bagel crisp and cheese log.

What I DIDN'T photograph were the three half-rounds of bagel crisps I ate out of the bag while making dinner. I just couldn't keep taking pictures of single crackers on a paper napkin. But I ate them anyway. And they really were the broken halves.

The cocktail of the day was, however, interesting. I kept taking a sip and saying "strange," then "good." I figured since yesterday's was The Millionaire, I should try the Billionaire tonight.

The Billionaire

2 oz. bourbon (recipe called for the high proof stuff, but I don't have any)
1 oz. fresh lemon juice
3/4 oz. simple syrup
3/4 oz. absinthe
1/2 oz. home-made real grenadine

Bourbon and absinthe makes a very strange combination, but it kept resolving into really interesting. It sounds sweet, but it wasn't really. With high proof bourbon, this would be a real kick. Seriously.

After that, dinner was a let-down. A plain burger with A-1, and an ear of local corn, plain too.

And a salad, which I ate before taking it's picture (leafy lettuce mix, a tomato, blue cheese, and Annie's asiago dressing.

But there were two bits left, which I finished later. When you see that photo, picture a bit more here.

Always running out the door.

When to the quilting/sewing/knitting group at Border's again. Took four quilts in to be in a quilt show in East Haddam.

Had a decaf skim milk latte and a little free sample of pumpkin spice cake. It was good. I bought a piece for Morrow.

Complaining to Carol how I really wanted something chocolate, she bought me a 70% cocoa dark chocolate bar. I had half of it!!

When I got home, I finished the wilted salad in the salad bowl.

Isn't that picture just the worst? Looks like garbage. But it's red lettuce in a wooden bowl.

I also had a cup of decaf which I did not take a picture of.

It seems like an awfully long day, and looking back at the food part of it, it seems like I spent the entire day eating something!!

Only a few more days, and I still can't come to any conclusions about what I eat or how I eat.  I think it would be fun to do it again but make the photography the main point -- really set things up and take Gourmet-magazine-quality pictures. Get a job with Martha Stewart.

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