Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lordy, another day of taking pictures of my food! I think this is going to make me crazier than I sometimes think I am!! I might as well add the daily weather to my reports. It's cool and overcast and will probably drizzle some throughout the day.

My typical breakfast: a toasted corn tortilla and egg salad and relish, this time with a few sprigs of cilantro. And a cup of decaf.

I stayed up so late talking to Martha about walking around England that I never got to my yoga-Pilates class this morning. So I did make myself go down to the New Hartford Senior Center's exercise class. It's actually quite a workout if you throw yourself into the movement and really DO it.

I stopped at the farm stand on the way home and bought a bunch of vegetables. I want to make a pot of soup. The pot included local green beans and zucchini, a sweet onion from Texas, half of a fennel bulb, a jalapeno pepper, a big glop of tomato paste, some fresh peas, and a whole box of organic spinach. All in a base of organic vegetable stock.

This is the "before", before it got put through the blender.

And after the blender. If I had had any carrots in there, the color would be very brown and ugly. This is quite pretty for my usual soup.

A bowl of soup, a glass of water, and today's USA Today. A nice lunch.

The afternoon spent making more diphthongs.

I had a cheese stick with today's cup of tea (Lipton orange herbal and a Twining's citrus herbal). The Alpha-Bits are in the background. I actually ate a couple of them.

Just curious.


No time for cocktail hour tonight. Without all of the ingredients, I made a chinese dish with shrimp, lobster, fresh peas and halved grape tomatoes. There was both fresh ginger and garlic in it, but they were not strong enough. It could have used more flavor. It was quite good. It was meant to be served on rice, but I didn't have time to make the rice, so it was not a lot of dinner.

We had to take our full costumes to rehearsal tonight, so I was rushed getting ready.

So AFTER rehearsal was my cocktail hour. Tonight's drink must have a name already, but as far as I know, I've made it up. I should call it Salvage.  It is 2 oz. of bourbon and 1 oz. of La Belle Orange, which could probably be Grand Marnier or even orange CuraƧao.

There is a story behind this drink and the name. Last weekend, I had a bourbon-tasting with a friend. We blind tasted five premium bourbons and threw in one 100% rye for comparison. We were unable to identify the rye, and four of the bourbons were found quite wanting, including a $50 SMALL bottle of "Baby bourbon" made in New York state. I didn't think anyone could call a spirit "Bourbon" if it didn't come from Bourbon Co., Kentucky. But anyway, I need to make something palatable with the bourbons we didn't like straight. Hence the Salvage. And it was excellent.

Finally, an end to the night with decaf and my square of chocolate.

That finished my chocolate bar.

I wonder if I'll dare weigh in at Weight Watchers tomorrow?


  1. so, here's a test drive to see if this comment will go through...

  2. ... and now that I know that it will, I will add:

    1) you eat a lot less than I do, that's for sure. My portions are huge. And so is my gut.

    2) it is a pain to do this, but you will get the hang of it. I thought it was a natural project for you as you always seem to have your camera on hand.

    3) how do you toast your corn tortillas? I went through a tortilla phase when I was in Div School... two no-fat mini flour ones with 'spray butter' and sesame seeds and a salad for lunch every day. I weighed 50 pounds less then than I do now.

    4) Keep at it! It is fun to get new ideas!