Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to my old routine! Food included.

Toasted corn tortilla, a scoop of egg salad, and a dollop of sweet pepper relish.

Cup of decaf (more on that later!)

Beautiful day outside, a little warm actually. For some reason, my tomato plants are withering!

Lunch: a slice of a small Antonio's pepperoni pizza which Morrow had for dinner Saturday night. I couldn't resist, and Chai got the crust, or two thirds of it anyway.

When I started making dinner, I found my cup of coffee from this morning, right where I had been sitting with breakfast. I had drunk maybe half of it.

SO.... I added ice, a splash of Absolut, a splash of Kahlua, and a goodly bit of fat-free half and half to make a "Lite White (Russian)." Glad there wasn't much vodka in it, because it tasted so good that I drank it down pretty fast.

While I was thawing a hamburger for Morrow, I had a small pile of Camembert and three stoned wheat crackers.

And lo and behold, I found another half finished cup of coffee on the kitchen counter!! What to do!! Of course, a little more vodka, Kahlua and so-called cream.

Just as good the second time.

Dinner was a small bit of heaven. A couple of weeks ago, Andrew was trying some new things for his elderly cat which has a touchy stomach and for whom he cooks home-made catfood. The vet had recommended chicken liver. So Andrew tried some, and the cat seemed to LOVE it, but threw up repeatedly. So the rest of the chicken livers went into the freezer until I could get them.

And this weekend Morrow got them for me. All I do is put a little bit of butter in a skillet, drain the livers, and saute them, add salt and pepper, usually a pinch of rosemary or thyme but I forgot them tonight, and about a tablespoon of sherry to deglaze the pan.

And a salad. Mixed lettuces, feta cheese and cherry tomatoes, all of these from my own plant.

I finished the night (am actually still drinking it) with a little bottle of Underberg bitters.

After a week, I still haven't come to any great insight into myself or my food choices, but I can say that this little exercise has kept me from the mindless opening of the fridge to see what I might grab and eat. But then, there never is much in there like that. Maybe the cheese sticks? Or a grape tomato?


  1. does Underberg make you 'bright and alert' as the bottle promises?

  2. To answer The Reverend A.S., Yes, of course it makes me bright and alert! I finally have an explanation for why I'm so bright and alert. It must be the Underberg!! Seriously, though, I take these bitters as a stomach tonic, and my stomach was noisy yesterday.