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Monday, August 23, 2010

Inspired by a friend's commitment to photograph everything she ate or drank for a month, I have submitted to the daily discipline. I'm not quite sure what I expect to do with it, or why, but I do consider it a kind of discipline, and in the next 30 days, I'll have a variety of eating experiences, home and away. So here we start, with Monday breakfast of a toasted corn tortilla and a spoonful of Stop 'n' Shop egg salad with a little mild pepper relish. And a cup of decaf.
I forgot to take a picture of the cup of coffee. I usually take my coffee to the computer and look up something that I've been thinking about.

About food in general, I try not to eat any wheat. My chiropractor said that there has been some research showing that wheat is possibly connected to bodies' retention of pain, and I will try anything to avoid headaches.

I also am always struggling with weight issues and am a Life Member of Weight Watchers. So in the back of my mind, I am always counting points. This breakfast would add up to about three points, perhaps four.

Although the weather is cool and overcast today, I got very hot on the treadmill this morning. In the last few weeks, I have totally blown off what had become a pretty good exercise routine. It helps to have something good to watch on DVD to inspire me to tread, and I'm just finishing the three-year BBC series "Robin Hood." Have really LOVED it!! But after treading, I was hot and thirsty. Hence, a glass of iced coffee with a little milk in it. Picture not in focus!

Lunch: one I often have and which I'll be challenged to photograph differently every day. Another toasted corn tortilla with a few slices of Stop 'n' Shop's organic "Nature's Promise" Black Forest ham and either a Laughing Cow light cheese or plain. Sometimes relish or mustard. Today, more pepper relish and with the cow cheese.

Taking pictures of these really mundane stand-up meals makes me think about food more all day, and it certainly makes me put my food on a plate. I often don't! Just make and eat.

I think of breakfast and lunch as just the energy calories I need to propel myself through a day perhaps at the sewing machine, perhaps at a Scrabble board, or errands.

I save my real meal for dinner, but if I have the luxury of being home in the afternoon, and the weather is cool enough, I love a cup of herbal tea. Today was such a day. Pictured here my Trader Joe's organic Red Chai with my sewing machine in the background.
I spent the afternoon playing with food, essentially. I'm trying to make a box of Alpha-Bits into a box of diphthongs (vowel sounds that consist of at least two different vowels, like AH and EE for the long I as in the TIME). This is for a SONE retreat this weekend with a coach who told us that one of our judges eats diphthongs for breakfast. So I dump the box, and there are practically no E's or H's in the entire box.

Good thing I bought a case of Alpha-Bits!

After struggling with Alpha-Bits, now renamed Dipha-Bits, I had a glass of wine, two stoned wheat crackers and one ounce (weighed) of cheese.

So dinner got put off and put off until I didn't have time to do anything creative. So I fall back on hamburgers, and for the vegetable, some split and grilled zucchini.

After dinner, I went to Carol's for a game of Scrabble and then to the supermarket. She had both coffee and peaches, but I had to turn her down because I forgot my camera!!!

When I got home, I ate the last piece of grilled zucchini and had a cup of decaf and one little square of a chocolate bar, a treat I let myself have if I've been good all day.

With all these pictures, it does seem like I do nothing but eat all day!!

My little square of chocolate. Mmm.

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