Sunday, August 29, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Morrow. But he's down in Port Chester, and I'll be gone before he gets home.

Left over from last night, the ratatouille! So I finished it for breakfast, along with a cup of yesterday's coffee. I had to add a little milk to make it palatable.

Chai is so used to Morrow giving her a tidbit bite from whatever breakfast roll he is having, so she takes up her position on the doormat and sits patiently watching.

I didn't think she'd want any ratatouille, but we had no sweet rolls of any kind. So I tore off a square of bread and put some strawberry preserves on it.

Because Morrow always gives her a cookie (dog cookie, not people cookie) at lunch time, she takes up the same position on the doormat and stares intently at my food.

If I'm having ham, I pull off the thin rind on the ham and give that to her. That's what I did today. I had a toasted corn tortilla, a Laughing Cow light cheese and two slices of ham, with a healthy dollop of Dietz and Watson whole-grain mustard.

And of course I had the paper to peruse.

Late afternoon and time to leave for SONE retreat at Wisdom House in Litchfield. I took the Kawasaki with a large backpack on my back. It was a BEAUTIFUL afternoon and evening.

But before getting there, I met Joanne Casey, Maryellen Kindelan and Gail Nidoh, along with our coach for the weekend Joe Connolly, at the Village Restaurant on the Litchfield Green. We had only about an hour to eat and get to our 7 PM rehearsal.

I started with a Long Trail unfiltered India Pale Ale. The brewery is in Bridgewater Corners, Vermont. Very nice brew! I didn't think I liked I.P.A.'s, because I thought they were indeed pale, but they aren't at all, as the last two I've had will testify. (That's Gail on the left, and Joanne on the right, and my ale in a Sam Adams glass.)

They all had soup while I had the house salad, with Russian dressing (below).

For my main course, I had a delicious salmon fillet cooked with a horseradish-parmesan crust. The vegetables were cooked perfectly too.

Onward to Wisdom House, a three-hour rehearsal and fairly early to bed. Joe said we sang very well for a Friday night.

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